Saturday, 20 November 2010


have had a lovely lazy day so far :)

have been doing some reading - i love it so much in the winter when you have a great book you can really sink your teeth into so i thought i'd do some book recomendations in the hope that you bloggers could share the satisfying feeling that youve got a great book to read. i love the fact that books have been the same for generations ; that as our technology slowly develops and perfects itself, the book never needs to change because it's already perfect.

my favourite books are :
-> naughts and crosses by malorie blackman - a thought provoking book with a mind blowing plot.
-> holes by louis sachar - a dreamy book about a falsely acussed teenager who is sentenced to dig a hole every day for a mysterious enemy.
-> cosmic, by frank cotrell boyce - a light hearted and comic tale about an unusually tall 13 year old who pretends to be an adult, actions that end up landing him and his friends all the way to the moon
-> harry potter by jk rowling- the last one is the best - the books are so much better than the films, and i'm sooooooooo excited to go and see harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1 tonight with my mateys!


  1. Loved the Harry Potter part 1, can't wait for part 2!